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Reading Chronicle, 9th June 2005

William Shakespeare's brooding Scottish play was this very enterprising drama group's latest foray into the "Classics". And very well done it was too.

Performed in the round, mostly with little use of the stage, this talented cast caught the atmosphere of the piece very well. Russ Pitcher made an excellent Macbeth with a brilliant Claire Sergeant as his wife, Lady Macbeth, whose ambition for her husband, drove him to murder his rivals for the throne of Scotland.

Alan Barber's and Mike Hill's performances as Banquo and Macduff respectively gave sterling support, as did Peter Jeffares as Malcolm, who eventually returns from England with an army to defeat Macbeth and retake the throne of Scotland.

The witches - Carole Fowler, Pam Howard and Debbie Hounsell - were nicely evil, if you know what I mean. Nick Felgate made an admirable Ross whose diction and projection were an object lesson for one and all!

Other minor roles were well covered by members of the company and the whole was skilfully directed by Gill Richardson. I would like to have heard more suitable musical accompaniment and I'm not sure about the combat uniforms worn by most of the cast in most of the scenes, but that aside, it was a most entertaining evening.

Trevor Miles