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by William Shakespeare

Primitive Scotland is the haunting backdrop for Shakespeare's riveting story of obsession and murder. Macbeth, trusted nobleman and King's general, is driven by his desire for power and disregards moral laws and ethical standards. Tantalized by supernatural prophecies, goaded by the indomitable will of Lady Macbeth, yet fully aware of the magnitude of his crime, Macbeth undertakes a nightmarish series of "unnatural deeds." This powerful tragedy speaks of the nature of evil as clearly today as it did 400 years ago.

As with many of Shakespeare's plays, there are so many strands to Macbeth, it is hard to know where to start talking about it. Even at its very simplest level it is far more than a "crime does not pay" drama. What is fascinating is the development of Macbeth's criminal tendencies (or evil, if you like) and its effect on him and those around him. Of all Shakespeare's plays Macbeth is most obsessively concerned with evil and it's played against a backdrop of Kingship, nature and the supernatural. A world where all is not as it first appears;

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Show dates and times

Wed, 01 June 2005 - Curtain-up: 20:00
Thu, 02 June 2005 - Curtain-up: 20:00
Fri, 03 June 2005 - Curtain-up: 20:00
Sat, 04 June 2005 - Curtain-up: 20:00

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Full Price -   £6.50Full Price -  £5.50
Concession -   £4.50Concession -  £4.00


Frogmore Junior School,
Green Lane, Frogmore,
GU17 0NY


Tickets are available in advance by calling (01252) 409509 or e-mailing or on the door (subject to availability)