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Reading Chronicle on 31st January 2002

"What a clever adaptation of Charles Dickens' famous story this proved to be.

Using four carol singers as singing narrators (Sue Driscol, Mike Hills, Russ Pitcher and Caroline Reeves) to guide us through the plot, we were introduced to most of the well-known characters of the book.

A marathon performance from Dennis Windsor (Ebenezer Scrooge) required him to be on stage for the majority of the performance, during which time we witnessed the subtle change in his character from miser to benefactor.

In her first role with the group, Vicky Shillingford displayed considerable stage presence as the Ghost of Christmas Past and stalwart member Nick Felgate gave a jovial portrayal as the Ghost of Christmas Present.

Cameo performances from many members of the large cast, including those from Chris Ward (Bob Cratchit), Carole Fowler (Mrs Cratchit) and Robin Honey (Tiny Tim) brought the story to its happy conclusion.

Humbug? Certainly not this show!"

Barrie Theobald