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Alan Barber

Alan Barber photo

Alan has been with Theatre64 for over 15 years now - and they still can't get rid of him! He has done just about everything possible both on and off stage - acting, directing, singing, lighting, sound, amongst many others. He was last seen on stage as Nigel the Viking in "A Fete Worse than Death' and is thoroughly enjoying his villainous turn as Don John!He has two daughters, Jessica and Rebecca and works as an administrator in Thames Ditton.

Nick Felgate

Nick Felgate photo

Nick, an uncivil civil servant, has contributed his presence to Theatre 64 for many, many years. He lives in Portsmouth with his collection of stage properties (his furniture, crockery etc) which sometimes he is allowed to borrow back from the group! Along with many stage appearances which includes Prof. Van Helsing in 'Dracula' and the QuizMaster in 'Horst Buchholz', Nick has directed plays such as 'The Fosdyke Saga', 'The Golden Pathway Annual', and 'Our Man'.

Haydn Thomas

Haydn Thomas photo

Haydn works for a local manufacturer of filtration equipment and has been a member of Theatre64 since 1998. During this time his involvement with the group has been both on stage and behind the scenes where he has been perfecting his tea-making skills. He also likes to get involved with the pantomime at High Cross Church, Camberley.

Leah Hanmore

Leah Hanmore photo

Leah is currently studying Drama in her third and final year at University. She has been with the group for three years and intends to be with the group a while longer. Leah has had some fantastic experiences with the group, including taking part in productions such as 'The Ash Girl', 'The Hound of the Baskervilles' and 'A Fete Worse Than Death'. She has enjoyed working with all the members and has made some life-long friends. She also hopes that everybody enjoys the performance of 'Much Ado About Nothing'!

Natalie Cook

Natalie Cook photo

Natalie joined Theatre64 last year for 'The Ash Girl', saying that she "could only do one play". However, despite her constant protestations that she is far too busy as a Teaching Assistant/Single Mum/OU Student to be involved in another production, she is always the first to audition for "just one more play"! It would be tempting to put this down to a burning desire to develop her acting skills but, if pressed, she'll admit that it has more to do with the friends she has made in the group, T64's social events and Ellen's cupcakes!

Flick Bunfield

Flick Bunfield photo

Flick has lived in Yateley all her life and had always heard of great things from Theatre64. Now she has done with her studies she is checking us out for herself! Flick has performed all her life in different drama groups and schools since the age of 7. Having recently graduated from the University of Chichester with a 2:1 in contemporary theatre and making performances she plans on spending her life acting, so watch this space!

Rosie Ring

Rosie Ring photo

This is Rosie's first performance with Theatre64, and marks her return to the stage after previously being involved in various productions during university, including 'Return to the Forbidden Planet' and 'The Taming of the Shrew' at the abbey ruins in Reading. Rosie is an aspiring archaeologist, and once this production has finished you'll most likely find her back in a hole in the ground, trowling contentedly through the soil. Or, as is often the case, Viking cess. It's a glamourous life.

Jasmine Honey

Jasmine Honey photo

Jasmine is currently in her second year of A-Levels and takes a huge interest in the arts. Her ability to act, sing and dance makes her a triple threat: an asset to any company. Working with Theatre 64 has really brought her out of her shell,increased her confidence and enhanced her natural ability. Working with Jasmine is a pleasure, her contribution to every production is appreciated greatly by the other members. Her bubbly, loud personality means everyone looks forward to working with her.

Carole Fowler

Carole Fowler photo

Carole has been with T64 more years than she is able or willing to remember. In thwart time she has acted, directed, stage managed, done prompt, lighting, sound, props, box office, made costume, even sung in her own fashion, painted and built scenery. All this and had fun too and intends to keep on till even further into her dotage

Erin Quilliam

Erin Quilliam photo

Erin is thrilled to be a part of 'Culinary Cabaret', and is enjoying the show hugely. This production also marks her first year as a member of Theatre64! Seen haunting theatres or rehearsing for one show or another, she's also preparing to audition over the next few months to study drama at university.



Mike Hills

Mike Hills photo

Mike has been a member of Theatre64 for too long to count. His theatrical odyssey began in Bugsy Malone at the age of 14 in school, then exhibited itself in Woking, Bath and Kuwait before he joined Theatre64. He has undertaken acting, directing and writing roles with the group and is close to notching up his 60th role! He is aided and abetted in this by a long suffering wife and two very active boys (see smaller members of the cast). He would usually mention Fulham as well but its just too depressing at the moment. The Aardvark is in rehab.

Ellen Kilvington

Ellen Kilvington photo

Ellen has been a member of Theatre64 since 2008 when she played Granny Weatherwax in Terry Pratchett's 'Wyrd Sisters'. Since then she has performed a variety of roles in the group, both onstage and off, ranging from running lights and being Producer, to characters such as Sheila Birling in 'An Inspector Calls' and Nicky in 'Shakers Restirred'.


TBD photo

No pen portrait available.

Cast & Crew

Sherlock Holmes -   Alan Barber
Dr Watson -   Nick Felgate
Dr Mortimer -   Haydn Thomas
Sir Henry -   Leah Hanmore
Barrymore/Frankland -   Natalie Cook
Stapleton -   Flick Bunfield
Miss Stapleton -   Rosie Ring
Myss Lyon/Hound -   Jasmine Honey
Mrs Hudson -   Carole Fowler
Cabbie/Mrs Barrymore -   Erin Quilliam
Director -   Mike Hills
Producer -   Ellen Kilvington
Stage Manager -   TBD
Lighting -   TBD
Sound -   TBD