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Alan Barber

Alan Barber photo

Alan has been with Theatre64 for over 15 years now - and they still can't get rid of him! He has done just about everything possible both on and off stage - acting, directing, singing, lighting, sound, amongst many others. He was last seen on stage as Nigel the Viking in "A Fete Worse than Death' and is thoroughly enjoying his villainous turn as Don John!He has two daughters, Jessica and Rebecca and works as an administrator in Thames Ditton.

Mike Hills

Mike Hills photo

Mike has been a member of Theatre64 for too long to count. His theatrical odyssey began in Bugsy Malone at the age of 14 in school, then exhibited itself in Woking, Bath and Kuwait before he joined Theatre64. He has undertaken acting, directing and writing roles with the group and is close to notching up his 60th role! He is aided and abetted in this by a long suffering wife and two very active boys (see smaller members of the cast). He would usually mention Fulham as well but its just too depressing at the moment. The Aardvark is in rehab.

Nikki Smith

Nikki Smith photo

Nikki lives in Yateley and teaches Science at a Farnborough school. Her debut part was that of Gwendolen in 'The Importance of Being Earnest'. This show will be her first role on the stage, as the last play was carried out in the well; there is still time for stage fright! Nikki has recently begun tap and modern dance again after an eight year break, and hopes to dance on stage again.

Scott Basham

Scott Basham photo

Scott works as a software developer, and drama represents his last hobby to resist being computerised. He acted in various shows during his 14 years in Edinburgh, where he also played in a plethora of dodgy-looking 60s styled bands. When not using words like plethora he still writes and records music. This is Scott's fourth Theatre†64 production, having appeared in 'Dracula', 'Antigone' and 'The Importance of Being Ernest'. He lives in Wokingham with a small garden shed, 150 Doctor Who videos and a functioning guillotine.

Nick Felgate

Nick Felgate photo

Nick, an uncivil civil servant, has contributed his presence to Theatre 64 for many, many years. He lives in Portsmouth with his collection of stage properties (his furniture, crockery etc) which sometimes he is allowed to borrow back from the group! Along with many stage appearances which includes Prof. Van Helsing in 'Dracula' and the QuizMaster in 'Horst Buchholz', Nick has directed plays such as 'The Fosdyke Saga', 'The Golden Pathway Annual', and 'Our Man'.



No pen portrait available.

Claire Sergeant

Claire Sergeant photo

Claire is a teacher in Frogmore, She has recently bought a house in Yateley so unfortunately the group is stuck with her for a while! Claire was last on stage in Theatre 64's award-winning 412 Letters, winning the Best Actress award at Spelthorne Festival. Before that she was seen as Lady Macbeth in 'Macbeth'. Claire has recently married theatre64's Jeremy Barber.

Jeremy Barber

Jeremy Barber photo

Jeremy has appeared on stage sporadically and the last time was also as a soldier in Still Lives & Smoking Jackets. The opportunity to revisit No Mans Land however was to good to turn down, having enjoyed playing Hans in the previous version. Jack however has been a very different character to learn (not helped by the 3 pages added by Mr Hills part way through the run - Thanks Mike!). Knowing it was a short rehearsal run meant it didn't impinge on his time too much as Jeremy is in the midst of raising £4k for Wessex Heartbeat to allow him to trek to Everest Base Camp in November. He has thoroughly enjoyed treading the boards again and is looking forward to seeing all the audience at the quiz on the 8th March!

Haydn Thomas

Haydn Thomas photo

Haydn works for a local manufacturer of filtration equipment and has been a member of Theatre64 since 1998. During this time his involvement with the group has been both on stage and behind the scenes where he has been perfecting his tea-making skills. He also likes to get involved with the pantomime at High Cross Church, Camberley.

Gill Richardson

Gill Richardson photo

Gill lives in Farnborough and has been a member of Theatre64 for a while! (She thought it was ten years but it turns out it's much more than that!)She enjoys both acting and directing; although it's been a while since she was last treading the boards. As a director she has thoroughly enjoyed the whole Open Stages experience as it has been a really exciting way of approaching performance in a holistic way. The learning process has been amazing - so thank you to all involved.



Matthew Wilkie

Matthew Wilkie photo

Matthew Wilkie is a Farnham-based playwright whose recent professional credits include 'Bliss' (Platform 4, Salisbury), 'Pom Pom Runaway' (Southill Park, Bracknell) '412 Letters' (Union Theatre, London), and 'Horst Buchholz And Other Stories' (Bewley's Cafť Theatre, Dublin), the latter two having been originally written for Theatre 64. Matthew subsequently adapted 'Horst Buchholz' for Radio 4's Afternoon Play. Other work for radio include 'The New Boy' to be broadcast later this year on Radio 4 Extra. Matthew's new production company, theplaygroup will be presenting his new play 'The Trail Of The Farnham Flyer', details of which can be found at

Carole Fowler

Carole Fowler photo

Carole has been with T64 more years than she is able or willing to remember. In thwart time she has acted, directed, stage managed, done prompt, lighting, sound, props, box office, made costume, even sung in her own fashion, painted and built scenery. All this and had fun too and intends to keep on till even further into her dotage

Martyn Lewis

Martyn Lewis photo

As a long time supporter of London Welsh Rugby Club, Martyn has much personal experience of tragedy. A long-standing member of the group, Martyn played Prospero in the recent Theatre 64 production of 'The Tempest' but feels that he has grown up since then and wonít do it again - however he did manage another mammoth part recently, playing Creon in 'Antigone'. This is Martynís directorial debut for Theatre 64.

David Lewis

David Lewis photo

David Lewis won the Pearson Playwrights award in 1999. He has had three plays produced by the Orange Tree theatre, starting with 'Bad Faith'. 'Misconceptions' opened at the Orange Tree in Richmond in September 1998 and was revived there in February 1999. 'Hurting' opened there in 2000. 'Misconceptions' is Davidís most successful play, and has been produced several times in the UK and overseas, most recently in a joint production between the Derby Playhouse and Salisbury Playhouse in April 2002.

Sarah Cruickshank

Sarah Cruickshank photo

Sarah's first play with Theatre64 was 'Dracula' in 1998, where she had three small parts. This was followed by parts in 'The Importance of Being Earnest' and 'Pygmalion'. 'Antigone' gave her the opportunity to play the role of Ismene. Sarah has also enjoyed her first Shakespeare speaking role in 'Macbeth'. She also had the pleasure of acting under the direction of her father in 'Billy Liar', where she played Liz one of Billy's girlfriends. Sarah's other hobbies include, literature, musicals, silk painting and retail therapy.

Fiona Wilkie

Fiona Wilkie photo

No pen portrait available.

Debbie Hounsell

Debbie Hounsell photo

Debbie has been with Theatre64 for almost 5 years and has a number of cracking roles under her belt including a drunken lush, a witch (these are her favourites - typecasting at its best!), Red Riding Hood's granny, Billy Liar's mum and, most recently, Elvira in 'Blithe Spirit'. Debbie is also a choral singer, works in I.T. for the NHS and lives with her cat, Misty, in Farnham.

Simon Randall

Simon Randall photo

Russ Pitcher

Russ Pitcher photo

Russ has done almost everything you can in and around a stage, even singing nearly in tune! 'Much Ado..' has been an amazing experience, not just working with a great cast and crew, but learning so much from being part of the OpenStages programme. Previous roles he has enjoyed include Macbeth, Donald in 'Blue Remembered Hills' and a down-and-out muppet. Russ has a geeky IT job and lives in Fleet in an organised pile of bricks that is helping the local tradesmen weather the cutbacks.

Cast & Crew

      Horst Buchholz & Other Stories  
Rich -   Alan Barber
George -   Mike Hills
Jules -   Nikki Smith
Tim -   Scott Basham
Quizmaster -   Nick Felgate
          Bad Faith  
Helen -   Claire Sergeant
Steve -   Jeremy Barber
Dad -   Haydn Thomas
Mum -   Gill Richardson
Writer (Horst Buchholz) -   Matthew Wilkie
Director (Horst Buchholz) -   Matthew Wilkie
Stage Manager (Horst Buchholz) -   Carole Fowler
Director (Bad Faith) -   Martyn Lewis
Writer (Bad Faith) -   David Lewis
Stage Manager (Bad Faith) -   Sarah Cruickshank
Producer -   Carole Fowler
Sound -   Fiona Wilkie
Lighting -   Debbie Hounsell
Technical Support -   Simon Randall
Posters & Programme -   Russ Pitcher
Front of House Mgr -   Mike Hills