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Thought Iíd just let you know how much we enjoyed Theatre64ís performance of the Ash Girl.

It was an interesting take on the Cinderella story, which makes you look at life differently. The idea of the seven deadly sins following you around and whispering in your ear was very clever and was beautifully performed.

The consensus was that if we had seen this in a London theatre and paid London theatre prices, we would have consider it money well spent.

Please pass on our congratulations to everyone involved.

Kathy Pitcher

We went to the performance last night and thought it was great! We really enjoyed it. It was obvious that a lot of hard work had gone into the production and the performance was slick and powerful. You have a really good bunch of actors there and even the little ones (who were adorable) didnít let you down despite having quite a few lines to cope with.

Jackie Kennedy