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Once upon a time...

...there was a young man who lived in a small cottage at the edge of a village in Hampshire. He was a happy man apart from one thing. Ever since he had been a child, he had wanted to be on stage. One day a fairy Godmother appeared to the man and told him of a local theatre group...

From February 16th to 19th Theatre 64 will be presenting a new adaptation of "Grimm Fairy Tales". As demonstrated in their October production; "Jekyll and Hyde", Theatre 64 is always looking for new challenges to stretch the capabilities of the group members, to explore innovative forms of theatre and to provide a varied programme for their audience. In their current production of a selection of fairy tales, originally written by The Brothers Grimm, Yateley"s own theatre group has approached the stories using a range of styles, from traditional re-telling to physical imagery. There is something to appeal to everyone.

Claire Sergeant (director) said, 'Our adaptation of "Grimm Fairy Tales" is a piece of ensemble theatre and as such the cast have had to work extremely hard together, taking a diversity of roles in each individual piece. The rehearsal process for the production has been incredibly exciting and challenging. The script has been devised as the rehearsals have progressed meaning that a lot of time has been required for exploration of the original text. Idea upon idea has been experimented with and then kept or discarded. It has been thrilling to take stories which are so popular, and discover that they have so much to offer theatrically.'

"Grimm Fairy Tales" promises to be an exciting evening of theatre, adding to the diverse programme of productions already seen by Theatre 64 audiences this year.

Theatre 64, Yateley"s own drama group, will be presenting their production of "Grimm Fairy Tales" from February 16th to 19th in Yateley School"s main hall.


  • Show Title - Grimm Fairy Tales
  • Written by - Theatre64, based on the original tales
    by the Brothers Grimm
  • Tickets, full price - �6.50
  • Tickets, concessions - �4.50


  • Wed, 16 February 2005, Curtain-up at 20:00
  • Thu, 17 February 2005, Curtain-up at 20:00
  • Fri, 18 February 2005, Curtain-up at 20:00
  • Sat, 19 February 2005, Curtain-up at 20:00

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Russ Pitcher, Theatre64 Publicity Co-ordinator, 01252 651466 -