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Pygmalion logo

by Bernard Shaw

The inspiration behind the popular musical & film 'My Fair Lady', 'Pygmalion' is one of Shaw's best-known works. It is a perceptive comedy of wit and grit about the unique relationship that develops between cockney flower girl, Eliza Doolittle, and her irascible speech professor, Henry Higgins.

Pygmalion - In Greek legend, a sculptor and king of Cyprus. He fell in love with his own ivory statue of his ideal woman. At his earnest prayer the goddess Aphrodite gave life to the statue and he married it. (Brewer's dictionary of phrase and fable)

Shaw took this idea for his play and turned it on its head. First produced in 1914, Pygmalion was immediately successful, even before it's opening night the Daily Sketch had this to say:

"Tonights Pygmalion... is expected to cause the biggest theatrical sensation for many years... One word in Shaw's new play will cause sensation. Mr Shaw introduces a certain forbidden word. Will Mrs Patrick Campbell speak it? Has the censor stepped in, or will the word spread? If he does not forbid it then anything might happen! It is a word which, although held by many to be a meaningless vulgarism, is certainly not used in decent society. It is a word which The Daily Sketch cannot possibly print. And tonight it is to be uttered on the stage."

From the Daily Sketch, Saturday 11th April 1914 (edited)

Performance Information

Show dates and times

Wed, 18 February 2004 - Curtain-up: 20:00
Thu, 19 February 2004 - Curtain-up: 20:00
Fri, 20 February 2004 - Curtain-up: 20:00
Sat, 21 February 2004 - Curtain-up: 20:00

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Concession -   £4.50Concession -  £4.00


Frogmore Junior School,
Green Lane, Frogmore,
GU17 0NY


Tickets are available in advance by calling (01252) 409509 or e-mailing or on the door (subject to availability)