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by Jean Anouilh

Polynices and Eteocles, two brothers leading opposite sides in Thebes' civil war, have both been killed in battle. Creon, new ruler of Thebes, has declared that Eteocles will be honored and Polynices disgraced. The rebel brother's body will not be sanctified by holy rites, and it will lay unburied to be the food of carrion animals.

Antigone and Ismene are the sisters of the dead brothers, and they are now the last children of the ill-fated Oedipus. In the opening of the play, Antigone wants to bury Polynices' body, in defiance of Creon's edict. Ismene refuses to help her, fearing the death penalty, and she is unable to dissuade Antigone from going to do the deed by herself...

"Antigone" was originally produced in Paris in 1942, when France was an occupied nation and part of Hitler's Europe. The play depicts an authoritarian regime and the play's central character, the young Antigone, mirrored the predicament of the French people in the grips of tyranny. Based on Sophocles ancient Greek tragedy of the same title, which was first performed in Athens in the 5th century BC, the theme of "Antigone" was nevertheless topical. For in Antigone's faithfulness to her dead brother and his proper burial and her defiance of the dictator Creon, the French audience saw its own resistance to the German occupation. The Germans allowed the play to be performed presumably because they found Creon's arguments for dictatorship so convincing. The play's message is universal and very much relevant to today.

Our production aims to encompass many dramatic styles including music, movement and dance.

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Show dates and times

Fri, 17 January 2003 - Curtain-up: 20:00
Sat, 18 January 2003 - Curtain-up: 20:00
Fri, 24 January 2003 - Curtain-up: 20:00
Sat, 25 January 2003 - Curtain-up: 15:00
Sat, 25 January 2003 - Curtain-up: 20:00

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Concession -   £4.50Concession -  £4.00


Frogmore Junior School,
Green Lane, Frogmore,
GU17 0NY


Tickets are available in advance by calling (01252) 409509 or e-mailing or on the door (subject to availability)