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Claire Barber

Claire Barber photo

Claire was last seen in 'Shakers Restirred' playing the character of Adele. She has thoroughly enjoyed preparing for A Culinary Cabaret as she has a bit of a musical theatre bug and this has allowed it a bit of freedom! It has been great fun, despite the logistical issues that come with organising such a varied performance. She currently lives in Sandhurst with Jeremy (husband), Eloise (a five year old menace), Angus (a rather austere cat) and Saffy (a sock-obsessed smaller cat...)

Mike Hills

Mike Hills photo

Mike has been a member of Theatre64 for too long to count. His theatrical odyssey began in Bugsy Malone at the age of 14 in school, then exhibited itself in Woking, Bath and Kuwait before he joined Theatre64. He has undertaken acting, directing and writing roles with the group and is close to notching up his 60th role! He is aided and abetted in this by a long suffering wife and two very active boys (see smaller members of the cast). He would usually mention Fulham as well but its just too depressing at the moment. The Aardvark is in rehab.

Gill Richardson

Gill Richardson photo

Gill lives in Farnborough and has been a member of Theatre64 for a while! (She thought it was ten years but it turns out it's much more than that!)She enjoys both acting and directing; although it's been a while since she was last treading the boards. As a director she has thoroughly enjoyed the whole Open Stages experience as it has been a really exciting way of approaching performance in a holistic way. The learning process has been amazing - so thank you to all involved.

Peter Jeffares

Peter Jeffares photo

Pete joined Theatre64 ten years ago in their 40th anniversary year. He has appeared in several shows and also directed 'The Wind in the Willows' and 'Private Lives'. After a break of three years, Pete is delighted to have returned to Theatre64 for 'Much Ado About Nothing'. Claudio is a fantastic role to have with a huge range of emotions on show as the story unfolds. Working with Gill as director and a brilliant ensemble cast, this has been the most exciting show Pete has worked on. Pete found the recent workshop with Michael Corbidge an incredible experience which has changed the whole approach of rehearsals and really elevated the standard of the group.

Lindzi O'Connor

Lindzi O'Connor photo

This is Lindzi's first outing with Theatre64, which she is thoroughly enjoying. She hasn't done any serious acting since her late teens with Crookham Players. Previous to this she did Drama at Farnborough 6th Form and enjoyed doing set design and creation in addition to the acting.

Tim Carpenter

Tim Carpenter photo

Tim, having moved to Aldershot from the South West corner of London, made his debut with Theatre64 in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' where he was promptly beaten up by Puck and forced into a dress by a bunch of (very) rude mechanicals (these two events were unrelated). This done, the next venture was to get slapped about a bit in 'Private Lives'. Tim, having discovered this new 'inner masochist' thought he would stick around and see just what else gets foisted upon him.

Cast & Crew

the delicate art of keeping in touch  
-   Claire Barber
-   Mike Hills
Director -   Gill Richardson
Life Line  
Man -   Peter Jeffares
Voice -   Lindzi O'Connor
Director -   Tim Carpenter
A Timely Manoeuver  
Jane Marwood -   Lindzi O'Connor
Reggie Blake -   Peter Jeffares
Director -   Tim Carpenter